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Got Pinterest?

The lastest Social Networking phenomenon — though in existence for two years now — is Pinterest! A unique and fun way to network online and share the essence of WHO you are!

As with all the Social Media platforms, when used strategically, Pinterest can serve one well with Social Networking objectives — or you may simply want to use it for planning an event, such as a wedding, or for tracking fashion or just simply for plain old FUN!  The old adage of “you get out of it what you put into it” rings true here.

As a Visual Communicator, I believe that because Pinterest is a VISUAL site this is truly why the interest (pun intended) is flying off the charts! We are visual creatures, so now that we have a simple AND social way to express ourselves and share content visually — well, I believe the statements in Pete Cashmore’s (of Mashable.com) CNN post and the statistics shown in this info-graphic can complete my thoughts here.

Geek speak aside, Pinterest totally rocks! I believe Pinterest is a remarkable Social Networking tool & I LOVE it!

BTW, be sure to stop by Dyuanna’s board and CLB’s board to take a peek at the wonderful world of Pinterest! If you’d like a personal invite so you can start pinning, let us know and we’ll send an invite right away!

Love, Light & Success!


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