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About Christine L Bowen

Christine L Bowen, Visual Communicator • Professional Networker • ProActive Lifestyler
Creator, Create.Live.Be™ Philosophy » Revealing How to Build Wealth & Create Reality via the Art of Networking

“Greetings and many thanks for connecting with me today! My name is Christine L Bowen and I currently reside in the suburbs of Washington DC with my hubby and very best friend, Sir Gee, and my very spoiled tuxedo kitty cat, Mr. Jinx. I am an authentic, creative, outgoing person and I live a very “organic” life — meaning as I take definitive daily action steps, I allow my Higher Power to reveal the direction of those steps. I live presently, love wholeheartedly, laugh regularly and I am extremely passionate about living life on my own terms and teaching others how to do so.

I am a product of the tiny Caribbean island of Jamaica. In JA we say “We Likkle but We Tallawah” meaning “We are Small but We are Strong!” This is so true, such a small country, has greatly influenced pop culture for decades. I am extremely proud of my Jamaican heritage! Upon migrating to the United States in 1992, my goal was to advance my freelance career as a Visual Communicator (aka Graphic Design). During my 15-year corporate career, I was able to grow from minimum wage to a six-figure income. Even though I was having success in my career, I was very discouraged by the instability of the economy and its effect on the job market. After being a victim of corporate downsizing three times within those 15 years, I decided to become my own boss and take control of my financial future. Consequently, in March of 2007, I made the decision to start my own business in the Network Marketing industry as a solution to diversify and stabilize my income. In turn, I delightfully discovered that this industry is enabling thousands to achieve financial freedom, create their own reality and truly live life on their own terms. I believe that true wealth begins with our mindset and with the right mindset, anything is possible!

As a Professional Networker, I have networked with and mentored many individuals from various walks of life and this is what I have observed; in today’s economy, there are two distinct mindsets — those who see “turbulent times” and those who see “opportune times”. The latter are the ones who believe that they deserve more out of life! Unfortunately, most of them will go through their entire lives without ever achieving their ultimate lifestyle. These are the people to whom I serve as a mentor, teaching them how to build wealth & create their reality via the art of networking. When people connect with me, they are empowered to live proactively enabling them to Create their Reality with Vision, Live their Reality thru Action & Be their Reality as a Result!

Professionally, I wear several hats; I am the Co-Founder & COO of RAW Telecom Network LLC, partnered with 5LINX, a rapidly growing Inc. 500 Telecommunications company. I am an Ambassador of Business Network International (BNI), Anne Arundel County MD and President of my local BNI chapter. I’m also the Co-Founder of the TOTALPackage™ Women’s Network. Lastly, I have recently re-launched my freelance deign business, CLB Visual Communication — dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create a powerful brand presence.”

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