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About Dyuanna P Mebane

Dyuanna P. Mebane, Resilient Life Coach • Blogger • Entrepreneur
Founder, MineYourSoul™ » Providing Tools of Empowerment and a Message of Inspiration

“If I had to use one word to describe myself, it would be “resilient”. This word describes one of my best attributes. Looking over my life and all that I’ve experienced, I have realized that I possess a resilient nature. I have always been optimistic, but often times I would find myself in a distressed state of mind or situations that appeared to be insurmountable. One of my first reactions to pain was to retreat within. Over time, with determination, guidance and grace/mercy, I realized that is where the healing begins. I had to venture deep within, to that rarely visited place in my soul to find those precious gems that where waiting to be discovered. We all know that gems are very precious and are quite hard to find. Before these stones are admired for their beauty and uniqueness, they have to go through a sometimes long and complicated process of mining, shaping, refining and polishing. The refinement process is where I shine – literally. That is where my passion lies.

What is Life Coaching? Life coaching is a dynamic partnership and relationship between the coach and the client. It is an unbiased, trusting, and nurturing space for the client to explore, dissect and discuss whatever subject or issue he or she is working to resolve. Coaching strives to empower the individual to grow, and enhance the internal and personal capacity for significant greatness.

Who is my ideal client? My ideal client is also resilient, motivated, and wants to expand the possibilities in their life, and need some guidance to get started as well as an accountability partner. Maybe they’ve read a few self-help books, and perhaps have written a few positive affirmations; they start out on the right track, but ultimately end up feeling stuck and paralyzed, or they give up before crossing the finish line. But, they refuse to be defeated, so they inquire about life coaching.

Why choose me as your Life Coach? My clients hire me as their Resilient Life Coach because of my sincere and personal approach toward their goals. I give them the support needed to gain clarity in areas of their life to get through a difficult time, and ultimately turn the page. I help them through transitions when they are moving to the next stage in their life. I also help them to identify any limiting beliefs or destructive behaviors that may be getting in the way of meeting their goals. Whatever it is, I am vested in my clients’ success and committed to helping them realize their greatest capacity.”

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