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#TPforum Book #2 » “From Crackers to Caviar – A Guide to Personal Development”

Ladies!!! We are in for a treat this Saturday, December 3 @ 8am ET! Join us on the TOTALPackage™ Weekly Women’s Forum to hear from a truly inspired couple — Pastors James Cooper & Regyna Cooper!

This call will be the kick-off for Book #2 of the TOTALPackage™ Book Club » From Crackers to Caviar – A Guide to Personal Development, written by James R. Cooper.

About James R. Cooper
James R. CooperJames R. Cooper is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Maxser Consulting Group, LLC and Pastor of Restoration International Christian Ministries. Originally from Long Island, NY, James lives in Maryland with his wife Regyna and their son Andrew.

James’ professional journey began with the privilege of serving in the US Air Force as a Security Policeman and Military Working Dog Handler. While serving in the military, James was called to special assignments. James provided dignitary support for foreign leaders and heads of state, including President Ronald Reagan, Vice President George Bush, and Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. The highlight of James’ military career was providing dignitary sup­port for the United Nations 40th anniversary. Foreign leaders from around the world were in attendance. With his military tour ending, and a burning desire to compete in the ‘real’ world, James found himself in California starting over in the private sector.

Transitioning from the military back to the civilian world, tests both your commitment, adaptability and resolve. An unexpected encounter lead to a position as a security officer, and his corporate climb. God used that position as the door that has allowed James to manage mul­timillion dollar budget portfolios for several Fortune 500 corporations in a number of varying operational roles. While living in Charlotte, NC a new opportunity offered itself, in the IT field. With a seed planted by his father when he was a young boy, James knew there was more to learn and experience. With a change of direction and reduction in pay, he pressed into the new field and excelled to the point where he lead multimillion dollar projects as a Project/Program Manager.

With a drive instilled in him from his youth, to own his own busi­ness, James has successfully launched 2 organizations. With all of his professional success, the road he was about to travel was the greatest of his life.

Knowing there was more for him to do, James was called to lead and teach uncommon leaders. This seemed difficult to imagine, but when God ordains a thing, it is done. With much prayer, worship and fasting, Restoration International Christian Ministries was launched in 2010. All the doors that God has opened, has given James the oppor­tunities to share his message of success, both at home and abroad, and has uniquely equipped him as he assists organizations and indi­viduals to break through barriers to and their success.

We look forward to having you join us!

TOTALPackage™ Weekly Women’s Forum
Saturday, December 3 @ 8am ET
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Next Saturday on the TPforum – Simon T. Bailey

We are pleased to announce our next featured guest speaker for the TPforum, Mr. Simon T. Bailey! Join us on Saturday, November 19 @ 8am ET to hear from one of the brightest speakers of our time!

Voted the best keynote speaker ever heard or used by the readers of Meetings and Conventions magazine, Simon T. Bailey is a compelling instigator who enriches people’s lives by encouraging them to create the destiny they want.

He does this by illuminating and then magnifying the brilliance inherent in everyone through his positively contagious energy and enthusiasm.

His transformational insights, delivered with compassion and humor, connect viscerally with audiences; and have earned Simon recognition as one of the Top 25 Speakers Shaping the Speaking Profession.

Since leaving the Walt Disney Company and discovering his vocation eight years ago, Simon has worked with three hundred of the Fortune 1000 and written 6 books, one of which, Release Your Brilliance, was voted #17 of the top 100 books being read by corporate America.

A repeat speaker at Microsoft, Dell, and Society of Human Resource Management, Simon is also the founder of Brilliance Institute, Inc., a consulting and educational think tank.

Somehow he still finds time to write columns for Prestige Magazine, London UK and Destiny Magazine, South Africa. Simon’s seventh book will be published in 2011.

We look forward to having you join us!

TOTALPackage™ Weekly Women’s Forum
Saturday, November 19 @ 8am ET
712-432-0075 (pin 333220#)