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An 8-Step Blueprint to Success

This morning, my soul was touched by Neo Souljah, who was the guest speaker on our TOTALPackage™ Weekly Women’s forum. She was asked by her very good sister-friend and TOTALPackage™ Co-Founder, Dyuanna, to join us to share her success journey with our listeners. As with all facets of my life, I decided to remove all distractions, open my heart drive and allow her words to flow through me. In turn, I delightfully recognized that she was revealing the blueprint to success.

Now, I’m not going to share her story, you will need to listen to the playback of the call to get that *grin* BUT I am going to share an 8-Step Blueprint to Success, inspired by Neo Souljah. (Neo, when I met you six years ago in Cleveland and I heard you spit those lyrics, I knew I was looking at a superstar. Congrats on your success and thank you for being an inspiration to many!)

1. TRIALS Every success I’ve had came with a big NO in front of it and I had to overcome that. ~ Neo Souljah
It is well known that 99% of us endure some kind of trial or trials as we grow into adulthood.  Whether it’s an abusive relationship, living a life of lack, low self-esteem… the list goes on and on. This first step to success is the foundation of success. It allows us to always remember where we came from, learn & grow from those experiences, and remain humbled by them.

2. DECISIONS ~ You either believe in God or not, there is no in between. ~ Neo Souljah
Within each of us lies our Divine Purpose that we have been programmed to fulfill, but it will never come to pass until one decides to take action…to choose victory over defeat…to embrace that Higher Force that can deliver us from the trials. Once this decision is made, you will notice a paradigm shift, as one of my mentors, Simon T. Bailey, calls it — the Vuja De moment. It’s the realization that you have the power to co-create your reality.

3. OPPORTUNITIES ~ I was offered a spot that I wasn’t supposed to have. ~ Neo Souljah
Every single human being is faced with many opportunities every single day. There are those who allow fear to prevent them from recognizing opportunities, then there are those who made the decision to Choose Life and are empowered to recognize them and embrace them.

4. OBSTACLES ~ Anything that God has called you to do, will bring much opposition. This allows you to rely on Him and take action in spite of…  ~ Neo Souljah
Now you didn’t think this was going to be easy did you? There are going to be many, many obstacles on our journey to success. Obstacles are necessary to test our fortitude. Quite frankly, they are only seen as obstacles by those who succumb to fear. For those who Choose Life, they are seen as the stepping stones of success.

5. SUPPORT God can put one person into your life that can shift your destiny…IF you allow them to. ~ Neo Souljah
It is critical to surround ourselves with people who have our best interest at heart. As Neo stated, our “Ride or Die” crew.  These are the ones who will build us up rather than tear us down. The ones who will inspire us rather than drain us. These are the ones who will tell you what you need to hear in order to push through the obstacles on our journey to success. The ones who will push your to be the best you that you are designed to be.

6. MIRACLES ~ I don’t know how it happened, but the next thing I knew
When we make the decision to push through any and every obstacle that comes our way, it is a display of faith. Faith that whatever we desire to happen WILL happen. That’s when everything falls into place. When it seems like doors open without you touching them.

7. STRESS TESTS ~ The very ones who say GO GO GO will turn around and try to trip you up as you GO.  ~ Neo Souljah
Everything’s going well, opportunities seem to be falling into your lap, then BOOM! An earth-shaking series of events will occur that will shake most to the core. The biggest success blockers will surface when you least expect it and many times from sources that you thought were “on your side”. I call them the Dream Stealers.  This is where our faith is truly tested because these are the people that we must learn how to love but let go in order to pursue and fulfill our Purpose.

8. RESOLVE ~ If you know in your heart “THIS is what I’m supposed to do” DO IT regardless of what others say or what comes your way. ~ Neo Souljah
The stress tests will simply confirm for you that you are on the right path. You immediately recognize that the most beautiful gems are created through intense pressure. You recognize that success is the journey not the destination. You recognize that success is a mindset.

These are the steps that I gleaned from Neo Souljah’s journey, there is so much more that can be shared but I prefer for you to listen to the playback of this morning’s call and glean the nuggets that are there for YOU to hear right now at YOUR right time.

Please be sure to share your thoughts below. I’d love to get your feedback.

Love, Light & Success,