Empowering Women to Discover, Embrace and Amplify Their Authentic Power!

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The TOTALPackage Women’s Network™ is designed to serve us all in Taking Ourselves To Another Level by consistently cultivating a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Our vision for this network is to create a movement that Empowers Women to Discover, Embrace and Amplify Their Authentic Power!

In our journey to become better, we must come together! A key component to growth and success is collaboration! We each have experiences to share that will inspire us all to learn, grow and take action in moving forward with pursuing our true passion and purpose in life.

Our desire is to create a space that is authentic, enlightening and fun; one that encourages us to support and inspire each other in our journey of developing our own TOTALPackage™.

We invite YOU to join us on this journey by participating in our:
– Online Facebook Community » www.facebook.com/TOTALPackageWomensNetwork
– Weekly Women’s Forum » Saturday Mornings @ 8am ET 712-432-0075 (pin 333220#)

Please feel free to share this movement with the women in your life that you would like to take on your journey to creating your TOTALPackage™!

Love, Light & Success!
Christine L. Bowen & Dyuanna P. Mebane